Risk-managed investing for individuals, families and institutions

New Harbor Financial Group offers fee-based asset management services to individuals, families and institutions. We advocate a disciplined investment strategy that has the following goals:

  • Managing downside risk
  • Protecting your hard-earned assets
  • Pursuing long-term growth

While we employ a dynamic investment strategy, our business starts and ends with the simple process of understanding you and your financial goals.

  • Our innovative approach to investment management

    We believe that prudent investing requires a hands-on, active approach, where risk management takes precedence over blind faith in historical market trends and conventional “wisdom.” We manage nearly every portfolio ourselves. This makes us different from many other financial advisors, who advocate establishing a “model portfolio” managed by outside mutual fund managers, and rigidly staying with it regardless of market conditions.

    To understand what we believe about investing and why we believe it so strongly, read more about our investment philosophy.

  • Dynamic management for dynamic markets

    We believe that a dynamic risk environment demands a highly flexible and adaptive investment game plan. In our opinion, the simple conclusion is that prudent investors should invest in growth assets, including stocks, when risk levels are perceived to be sufficiently low, and should limit or avoid investment in these riskier assets when risk levels are elevated.

    Executing our strategy takes experience and vigilance; it’s not a part-time task. We have spent our careers refining and implementing the disciplined, rules-based approach that forms the foundation for our risk-managed portfolios. Learn more about our investment process.

  • A word about transparency

    With New Harbor as your financial partner, you’ll have a secure client login site, where you can review your account information at any time. Our independent custodian will send you monthly transactions and holdings reports. We’ll have portfolio reviews to go over your account in detail. We’ll tell you exactly what we did, and exactly why we did it. Our team of Certified Financial Planner™ professionals is always available to answer your questions—about your assets, the financial markets and current economic conditions, and how they affect your financial goals.

    We will work hard to earn and keep your business. If you ever feel you’re not getting sufficient value, you’ll be free to end our relationship at any time, without any penalties or constraints.